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Customs Procedure For Postal Parcels
Categorization of Postal Items for Customs Formalities

                 Postal items sent from aboard to Thailand are subject to selective inspection for Customs formalities categorization purpose before further distribution to the consignees. The postal items can be categorized into 3 groups as follow.
Group 1 : Exempted from duty items, which are the items that follow below criteria.
      1.  Postal items sent by mail and the value of each dose not exceed 1,500 baht.
      2. Trade samples of no commercial value.
      The Customs Officers will deliver such items to Thailand Post for further distribution to the consignees at the stated address on the postal items.

Group 2 : Dutiable items, regardless a number of packages, sent at the same time by one consigner to another consignee or arrived simultaneously, whose FOB (Free on Board) values do not exceed 40,000 baht and are not the prohibited goods or restricted goods.

                 The Customs officers will open the packages with the presence of Thailand Post officers to joint inspect and make assessment of goods. Then pass the postal items to Thailand Post to send to the destined postal office in order to distribute to the consignees and collect the duty for the Customs Department. Thailand Post will issue “Notification to collect international postal items” and send to the stated consignee. The consignee will have to take the notification to the Thailand Post office stated on “Notification to collect international postal items” to pay the duty and receive the postal items. Officers of Thailand Post will issue the receipt for the duty payment on behalf of the customs.
                In case the Customs officers find any postal items with the problems relating the goods value assessment or items that the consignees require the duty receipt issued by the Customs Department, the Customs officer will categorize such items as Group 3.
Group 3 : Postal items other than Group 1 and Group 2
               The Customs officers will pass the postal items to Thailand Post to keep in the cargo. Thailand Post will issue “Notification to collect international postal items” and send to the consignees stated on the package. The consignees will have to take “Notification to collect international postal items” to Postal Customs Service Division or the Customs House stated in the notification and follow the customs formalities in order to receive the goods. 

               The customs formalities for the goods of Group 3 can be done in 2 ways.
     1.  If the value of goods exceeds 40,000 baht, the consignee is required to make an
         Import Declaration Form through the paperless system.
     2. In case the value of goods does not exceed 40,000 baht, the Customs officer will
         then collect the duties and issue a receipt. The consignee is not required to make an
         Import Declaration Form.

Documents Required for receipt of postal items at Postal Customs Service Division or Customs House
  1. Documents required for fulfilling customs formalities in case of receiving goods by oneself.
      1.1  “ Notification to collect international postal items ”
      1.2  The personal identification card or any cards issued by the government agencies
             of the consignee whose name appears on the notification.
  2. In the case of authority being given to other persons to receive goods on behalf on oneself.
      2.1  “Notification to collect international postal items” with the authority appointer
             being filled in details on the back of the notification and duly signed.
      2.2  The identification card of the appointer (copy & certified).
      2.3  The identification card of the appointee.
  3. In the case of the consignee being a legal entity, such as a company, a firm or a shop. 
      3.1  “Notification to collect international postal items” with the signature of the
              company's authorized person and the company's seal on the back of the
      3.2  The owner's card or a manager's card or an identification card of a person
             empowered to sign the documents binding such legal entity (copy & certified) and
             the appointee's card.
      3.3  A certified copy of company registration.
Note: The appointee has no authorization to appoint any third person as another appointee.

Objection to Duty Assessment (items of Group 2)
            When the consignees contact the Postal Office to receive the goods and are requested to pay for the duties of such goods, if the consignees disagree with the duty assessments, the consignees have to do:
            1.  Make a request in writing (the request form can be downloaded from
            2. The request should be submitted along with “Notification to collect
                international postal items” and any related document directly to Postal  
                Customs Service Division , the Department of Customs or send through
                the Postal Office where the consignee contacts to receive the goods.
            3. The consignee must not accept the duties at the Postal Office.

            4. After the request has been submitted, such postal items will be sent to Postal
                Customs Service Division for further consideration of the request.
            5. The persons who submit the request can receive and make the payment for the 
                duties at Postal Customs Service Division, 111 Soi Chaeng Watthana 5, Watthana
                Road, Lak si District, Bangkok.

Other service provider at Postal Customs Service Division
            1.  Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health Tel. 0 2575 1008
            2. Thailand Plant Quarantine Service, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
                Tel. 0 2575 1014-5

For more details or any troubles relating the receipt of postal items, please contact the management team.

- Director of Postal  Customs Service Division
  Tel. 0 2575 1009 Fax. 0 2575 1011
- Chief of Postal Customs Service Sub-Division
  Tel. 0 2575 1006  Fax. 0 2575 1013
- Chief of Selection and Examination Sub-Division
  Tel. 0 2575 1007 Fax. 0 2575 1012
Office Hour : Monday – Friday (Except for public holidays), 08.30 am – 4.30 pm

Postal  Customs Service Division
Bangkok Customs Bureau,
The Customs Department,
Ministry of Finance
111 Soi Chaeng Watthana 5, Chaeng Watthana Road,
Lak si District, Bangkok 10020
Tel. 0 2575 1002-3, Fax. 0 2575 1011 
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